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Fishing in Iceland

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  • Brown trout

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  • Lake Fishing in Iceland

Fishing licenses

We at Fly fishing Iceland can arrange licences for you in nearly every river in Iceland - More here

Day Tours in Iceland

We can take you on a guided fishing tour here in Iceland. Salmon, trout or Char - More here

Fishing trips to Iceland

We can help you organize and book a great fishing trip to Iceland - More here.

DSCN0065Many anglers fish nearly only in lakes. If you are one of those anglers, we have some great lakes for you to fish in here in Iceland. Some rivers in Iceland are fly only, but in most lakes you can fish with Fly, spinner/lure and even bait. In most lakes in Iceland you can find brown trout and arctic char. In many lakes in Iceland you can even find sea trout and salmon. A very good time to fish Icelandic lakes for brown trout and char is late May to early July.

We do offer fishing trips to some of the very best lakes in Iceland. Anglers can choose if they wan to have a guide with them while fishing, or if they do a self guided trip. Up in the highland we have many great lakes and highland fishing is very popular in Iceland. At many of the lakes you can find cabins or small cottages but at many of them, camping is the only option.

Prices for lake fishing are different from one lake to another. Most lakes are private here in Iceland and prices for permits at a really good lake, can be high.

For more information about lake fishing options in Iceland, send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.